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MX Tracks

Aug. 18 – MX Practice and Minibike National
Sign-up for both will be in the office. Let staff know whether you are signing up for practice or the race. The race will be on the arena track. All bikes may practice on the arena track until noon. At that point is will be exclusively for the race. Practice will continue on the main and old vintage track. There is a drag race so the new vintage track is closed. Office opens at 8:30. Fees are cash only – practice $30, race $40 1st class $20 additional classes. No charge for spectators or camping. More information on our Facebook events and on our website.

Aug. 19 – MX Practice on ALL tracks. Last chance this month to practice on the new vintage track.


REMEMBER - If you want to ride during the week (if not a scheduled practice), you need to CALL Dan at 360-749-1170 instead of messaging or emailing. We are not always so good at checking these. Thank you.